Media Exposure...

We summarize all the results we achieve in a single document: a press kit that includes all the media clippings of our clients.

  • Dozens of references, from brief mentions to multi-page articles, mostly news and case studies developed by A&H.
  • The brand image is enhanced in our client’s main markets. 
  • The cost of advertising spaces equivalent to the content of any of our dossiers is, on average, 20 times higher than that of the communication campaign that led to its publication. Is this effective enough?

...and New Markets

The results of A&H campaigns are ultimately measured by the client’s commercial success in the international markets. But, on the way to achieving this international success, there are more tangible results that are a direct consequence of our work:

  • Large volume of company news, articles and interviews published in the most influential on-line and off-line media, as a result of press releases prepared by A&H.
  • Increase in the number of sales inquiries regarding our clients’ products and services as a verifiable consequence of our communication and marketing activities.
  • Increased visibility and presence in the media covering the sector (fairs and events).
  • Increase in the number of visits to the website with the consequent requests for information and quotations.