The projects that we design and carry out for our clients frequently contain any, or all, of the following elements:

  • Each press release provides accurate and well-written copy covering company news or product information.

  • It is written and distributed in the languages ​​agreed with the client, with impeccable presentation and the appropriate graphic material.

  • It is sent to an exclusive national or international media distribution list, according to the geographical scope of each news item.

 Content identified with A&H provenance  is recognised as quality information  by magazine editors and newsrooms, resulting in the high publication rates achieved.

These case studies or job reports are designed for use by the sales teams as good sales arguments when selling their products. They are  typically structured as follows:

  • End-customer needs.
  • Solution provided by the company.
  • Description of the project and the technical solution provided.
  • Testimonial with a positive assessment by the end customer.

If the case study covers a project, the interest for the sales network is to highlight the multiple sectors serves and the various technical solutions it offers. If it covers a specific machine, it highlights the innovations it introduces and the specific benefits to the customer’s operation.

We offer each client our  in-house press cuttings service, monitoring national and international, web and printed media, as well as social networks. The  report is sent to the client’s directors and executives, as well as to their customers  who have contributed testimonials to thank them for their support  and to share the press coverage obtained.

  • Specialized content with news of interest to your employees, your sales network or customer database.
  • Very informative, they effectively integrate industry news and content about the client’s products and services.
  • We take care of the design, execution, production and / or distribution of each blog or newsletter. This is a truly informative promotional tool comparable to articles in the best publications in the sector – except for its length. We develop each project in such a way that a multilingual edition does not increase costs excessively.
  • The texts generated by A&H are first-rate material for the web or Intranet. Both are kept alive and effective by incorporating, without additional effort, new, original and updated content.
  • They are also used for the distribution of news through the company’s internal network.

Preparation of content and graphic material for the clients’ social networks. We ensure that they:

  • Convey accurate and updated information.
  • With well-written and attractive presentation.
  • Adapt the message to the style of each social network and to the target audience.
  • Are translated into different languages ​​according to the client’s commercial strategy.
  • Development of advertising campaigns.
  • Excellent negotiation with the media.
  • Corporate presentations.
  • Ad design.
  • Production of promotional videos.

Organization of press conferences for product launches, company presentations or events. It includes all the necessary aspects to achieve perfect results:

    • Invitations and confirmations
    • Content development
    • Catering
    • Hostesses
    • Support during the conference
    • Press kit