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The results
  All of these results are symbolised here in a single picture: a book of press clippings of the material published on one of our clients in just one quarter.

  This press book contains over 100 clippings, from short notes to articles extending over several pages, in most cases accompanied by graphic material sent by A & H.

The geographic coverage of the publications included reflects to a high degree the markets of that client.

The cost of advertising space equivalent to the contents of this press book would be 20 times greater than that of the Communication Campaign that produced it. How is that for effectiveness?

press book (22 MB)

  The results of the projects that Alarcón & Harris designs and carries out for its clients are, ultimately, the success of those companies in international markets.

  But more concrete and immediate effects include:

• Large number of client-related news items, articles and interviews published in the most influential online and offline media, arising from press releases prepared by A&H.

• Increased sales enquiries for the products and services of our clients as a proven result of our communications and marketing activity.

• Greater coverage and higher profile in media covering sectoral events (fairs and exhibitions)

• Increase in the number of visits to client websites resulting in more requests for information and price estimates.

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