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TOMRA Sorting Recycling has pioneered the automation of waste sorting and is known as the world leader in this field. The company offers solutions for more than 25 applications. Today there are more than 4,900 units in operation in 50 countries.

The company´s products are sensor based technology that provide pure fractions from all kinds of materials. With more than 10,500 systems in place across the recycling, food processing and mining industries, TOMRA Sorting has engineered groundbreaking detection systems, sensor technology and computing solutions.

Alarcón & Harris is handling TOMRA Sorting Advertising and PR activities in Spain, Italy and Brazil.

TOMRA Sorting
C/ Carrer Arquitecte Gaudí, num. 45
17480 Roses GIRONA

Tel 972 154 373
Fax 972 459 098


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