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TABE (Talleres Betoño, S.A.) is leader in the manufacture of hydraulic hammers in Spain. The company is established internationally and exports a third of what it produces. Production now exceeds 800 hammers a year and the company has a dozen different models that range from 80 to 3,300 kilos. From its subsidiary GTNec, the company also offers  a comprehensive range of products linked to demolition and crushing: arms for crushers, mobile crushing equipment, quick couplers and ties and demolition shovels and tools.

Alarcón & Harris was its PR Agency in both national and international market.

TABE Talleres Betoño, S.A.
Bekolarra, 8
Pol. Ind. Ali-Gobeo
01010 Vitoria
Tel:  902 247 250
Fax: 945 224 177