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The activities of the Zaragoza Trade Fair began almost 70 years ago (1941). They consist principally of the organisation of highly technical trade fairs in a variety of sectors. Various of its events are the leaders in their field in Europe.

The Zaragoza Trade Fair currently has seventeen major exhibitions on its calendar covering a broad spectrum, from public works, construction and mining machinery to materials for horses and bull raising, to energy, water, and environmental technologies. These shows are accommodated in magnificent, well situated facilities, close to the main highway network. Eight fully-equipped halls and extensive outdoor areas provide a total net exhibition space of over 130,000 m². The facilities also include an equally well-equipped Congress Centre.

Alarcón & Harris takes charge of promoting the exhibitions most closely related to technology and industry organised by the Zaragoza Trade Fair and it has made a great contribution to their prestige and international expansion, as explained in detail below.

Feria de Zaragoza

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