The products
  The projects that we design and carry out for our clients frequently contain any, or all, of the following elements:

  Specialised press releases containing company news or product descriptions, written in an accurate and attractive manner. In the language(s) of the publications to which they are sent. Impeccably produced and accompanied with pertinent graphic material. The most influential international trade media associate the materials they receive from Alarcón & Harris with "quality information". And that produces high publication rates. A & H's press releases are sent by post or e-mail to an exclusive datebase of national and international publications.
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  Newsletters distributed for commercial purposes (to customers and suppliers) in pursuit of professional or institutional objectives. Their highly informative value effectively combines news on the pertinent industry with positive messages related to the client's activities, products or services. We approach the design, content, production and distribution of a Newsletter as if it were a "micro-magazine", a valuable informational and promotional tool very much like (except in length) the best publications in its sector. Our expertise enables us to design and produce bilingual (or multi-lingual) Newsletters at a very reasonable cost.
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  Whether they be social media or media monitoring, press kits, promotional literature for potential customers or for the management staff of the company itself, we make sure that the information included is:

• accurate
• totally up to date
• well written and well produced
• in the language of the recipient
• easy to understand ... and to reproduce.

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Collectable technical reports also known as “job reports” or “case studies”. These are designed to be used by the sales team as positive references and examples during the sales process. They normally have the following structure:

• Client requirements and the solution provided by the enterprise
• Project or machine description
• Acknowledgement and positive feedback from the client.

If the client carries out project-based work, the sales team seeks to highlight the multiple sectors to which services are offered. In the case of machinery manufacturers, innovative features or the type of work facilitated by these features is emphasised.

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The contents of the Press Releases, Newsletters and Press Kits created by Alarcón & Harris are top quality building blocks for our customers websites or internal communication networks. Our clients are thus able to update their websites with no additional effort. Good website content is an expensive and scarce asset but it is also becoming a key component of corporate image and market presence.

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Media Round-ups in Presentations, Events or Shows. This can include the different aspects in order to obtain the best results:

• Media Round Up
• Media invitations & confirmations
• Press Kits
• Meals
• Hostess
• Full-time support during the journeys
• Clippings


Multimedia support:

• Advertising campaigns and printing materials
• Power point

• Presentations
• Webs
• Vídeo