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Allison Transmission. Allison has the broadest and most advanced range of fully automatic powershifting transmissions for on and off-road applications. Our transmissions are built to be reliable, easy to use, durable and able to match the specific demands of your business.

Founded in 1915, Allison is present in in 80 countries, it has over 1,500 distributor and dealer locations. The international headquarters are in Indianapolis, and the European headquiarters in Sliedrech (Netherlands) The manufacturing facilities are in Indianapolis and Baltimore (USA) and Szentgotthard (Hungary) and in Chennay (India).

Allison transmissions are offered by over 200 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, and is trusted by more users and fleet managers than any other supplier of commercial duty automatic transmissions.

Allison operates in many market sectors including refuse, fire, construction, distribution, bus, military and other specialist vehicles.

Alarcón & Harris is Allisonīs PR Agency located in Spain in both national and international markets such as Italy and Hungary.

Allison Transmission
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